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Charity Events

Charity Events

Through the years Donella has shown to be a hands on supporter on many charities events including:


  • Cancer research
  • Air ambulance 
  • Comic relief 
  • N.C.T


Below are some of charities events Donella has attended:


News                                                                                                             VENUE


Date: 11/03/2005                                       Comic Relief                            Hussar, Westgate Kent


Date: 2006                                                   Air Ambulance                         Everybody’s Inn,  Margate Kent


Thanks to everyone on this night, we raised over £2000.00 for a very worthy cause, hope all the guys that were either persuaded or opted into having their hairs removed were not in too much pain! You all did really well.


Date 28/02/2009                                       Charity Night                            Everybody’s Inn, Margate Kent


Date: 21/04/2013                                      N.C.T Nearly New Sale.           Kings Hall, Herne Bay  


Donella took on the role as the nearly new co-ordinator in a volunteer position, this event a charity role in 2012 involved a position with The N.C.T as The Nearly New Sales Co-Ordinator for the Canterbury and District area as a volunteer.  The position included organising the Nearly New sales twice a year. These were run so that families could buy or sell baby clothes, toys and equipment in a new or nearly new condition. The last successful event took place at The Kings Hall in Herne Bay and raised over £5,000.