Born To Learn


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Self-help book written by Donella Hoyle available to purchase directly here or via Amazon.
“Donella’s story is full of moving accounts of overcoming abuse, harassment and coming to terms with loving yourself. Written with a brilliant blend of wit and candor, this book shows a path to personal triumph.” -Kary Oberbrunner, author of Day Job to Dream Job, Elixir Project and Your Secret Name

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Learn to love yourself the right way
Overcome obstacles once and for all
Find a solution for every problem
Shift your thinking from self-sabotage to self-love

Transform yourself by learning to forgive; Increase self-worth and self-esteem; Build self-confidence; Conquer fear, sadness, stress and anxiety; Identify obstacles that prevent self-healing.

Isn’t it time you broke free from your comfort zone and increase your inner strength? This book will teach you how to release stagnant energy and bring about a life of purpose, meaning and understanding.

Whatever challenges are facing you, every problem has a solution. Every solution contains the wisdom, deeper understanding and appreciation of trials and tribulations overcome—on a path of self-discovery.

Author Donella Hoyle understands. In her past she has experienced racism, eating disorders, physical and mental abuse.
Despite these obstacles and almost giving up she found a powerful solution that helped her find freedom to have a life changing experience. Donella takes you through many stages in her colourful life that she has encountered.

Born to Learn is a self-help book of the Author’s journey to self-discovery. A realisation, calling and desire to follow her path to overcome obstacles once and for all.

This book will make you laugh, cry and understand why we often become sad, when things don’t go the way we planned them. It will move you as it relates Donella’s recovery and growth in the face of adversity—from victimhood to victor.

Combining life experiences and anecdotes, guided meditations, visualisations and practical exercises BORN to LEARN provides proven steps to help restore balance and improve your self-love and self-worth.

BORN to LEARN is a learning experience and a reference book towards creating a life full of curiosity, purpose and meaning, with self-healing interwoven throughout the chapters.

If life feels dull, unsatisfied, or like it’s stuck in a vortex with no way out, this is probably the book for you.


Donella Hoyle lives in the UK and started her health and wellness business 18 years ago. As a holistic therapist and tutor her passion for healing and serving grew. Her gift of writing emerged when she discovered Yoga as an outlet for self-discovery and solace from abusive and oppressive relationships.
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